Business Areas

Resource Extraction and Harvesting RESOURCE EXTRACTION AND HARVESTING
   Coal Extraction Coal Extraction
   Farming Farming
   Fishing Fishing
   Livestock Livestock
   Mineral Extraction Mineral Extraction
   Oil/Gas Extraction Oil/Gas Extraction
   Timber Harvesting Timber Harvesting
   Other Extraction Other Extraction
   Aerospace Manufacturer Aerospace Manufacturer
   Alcohol Production Alcohol Production
   Automobile Manufacturer Automobile Manufacturer
   Automobile Parts Manufacturer Automobile Parts Manufacturer
   Chemical Production Chemical Production
   Clothing/Accessory Manufacturer Clothing/Accessory Manufacturer
   Computer/Accessories Manufacturer Computer/Accessories Manufacturer
   Construction Construction
   Construction Materials Construction Materials
   Cosmetics/Perfume Production Cosmetics/Perfume Production
   Electricity/Power Generation Electricity/Power Generation
   Electronics or Appliances Manufacturer Electronics or Appliances Manufacturer
   Food or Beverage (non-alcoholic) Production Food or Beverage (non-alcoholic) Production
   Furniture/Home Decor Manufacturer Furniture/Home Decor Manufacturer
   Heavy Machinery Manufacturer Heavy Machinery Manufacturer
   Household Miscellaneous Manufacturer Household Miscellaneous Manufacturer
   Hygiene/Cleaning Products Production Hygiene/Cleaning Products Production
   Medical Equipment/Eyewear Manufacturer Medical Equipment/Eyewear Manufacturer
   Metal Production/Smelting Metal Production/Smelting
   Oil Refining Oil Refining
   Packaging Production Packaging Production
   Pharmaceutical Production Pharmaceutical Production
   Pulp/Paper Production Pulp/Paper Production
   Sports Equipment Manufacturer Sports Equipment Manufacturer
   Textile Manufacturer Textile Manufacturer
   Tobacco Production Tobacco Production
   Tool Production Tool Production
   Toy Manufacturer Toy Manufacturer
   Weapons/Defense Manufacturer Weapons/Defense Manufacturer
   Other Manufacturer Other Manufacturer
   Automobile/Parts Retailing Automobile/Parts Retailing
   Book/Music/Movie Stores Book/Music/Movie Stores
   Clothing/Accessory Stores Clothing/Accessory Stores
   Cosmetics/Perfume Stores Cosmetics/Perfume Stores
   Department Stores Department Stores
   Electronics/Appliance Stores Electronics/Appliance Stores
   Food Stores Food Stores
   Furniture/Home Decor Stores Furniture/Home Decor Stores
   Gas Stations Gas Stations
   Hardware/Home Improvement Stores Hardware/Home Improvement Stores
   Medical Equipment/Eyewear Stores Medical Equipment/Eyewear Stores
   Office Supply Stores Office Supply Stores
   Pharmacy Pharmacy
   Sports Equipment Stores Sports Equipment Stores
   Toy Stores Toy Stores
   Other Retailer Other Retailer
   Accounting Firm Accounting Firm
   Advertising Agency Advertising Agency
   Bank Bank
   Computer/Information Services Computer/Information Services
   Education Provider Education Provider
   Health Care Health Care
   Hotels Hotels
   Insurance Insurance
   Law Firm Law Firm
   Management Services Management Services
   Miscellaneous Financial Firm Miscellaneous Financial Firm
   Movie Theatres Movie Theatres
   Property Management Property Management
   Real Estate Development/Agency Real Estate Development/Agency
   Resorts/Amusement Parks Resorts/Amusement Parks
   Restaurants Restaurants
   Security Security
   Shipping Shipping
   Travel Services Travel Services
   Other Service Other Service
   Airline Airline
   Railline Railline
   Shipline Shipline
   Other Transport Other Transport
   Book Publisher Book Publisher
   Internet Site/Social Media Internet Site/Social Media
   Movie Production/Distributor Movie Production/Distributor
   Music Label/Distributor Music Label/Distributor
   Newspaper/Magazine Publisher Newspaper/Magazine Publisher
   Radio Station(s) Radio Station(s)
   Software Developer/Distributor Software Developer/Distributor
   Streaming Media Streaming Media
   Television Station(s) Television Station(s)
   Other Media Other Media
   Electricity Provider Electricity Provider
   Gas Provider Gas Provider
   Internet Provider Internet Provider
   Phone Provider Phone Provider
   Satellite Provider Satellite Provider
   Television Provider Television Provider
   Waste Management Waste Management
   Water Provider Water Provider
   Other Utility Other Utility
   Commodity Trading Commodity Trading
   Holding Company Holding Company
   Investment Investment
   Parent Conglomerate Parent Conglomerate
   Sports League Sports League
   Sports Team Sports Team